9. Reports

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Merchant Report

Under the Reports tab, you may generate reports that will contain information of all your sales and redemption from all channels through POS, online store, marketplace.

4 Different Report Type : Sales Report / Operation Report / Finance Report / Generic Report

Sales Report

  1. Transaction (Summary) –
  2. Issuance – information of all tickets you issued through your online store or sales order.
  3. Redemption – information of all tickets redeemed

Operation Report

  1. Selected information meant for operation.

Finance Report

  1. Data for billing related information

Generic Report

  1. Redemption – information of all tickets redeemed
  2. Booking – information of all capacity tickets

How do you generate the reports

  1. Select the type of report you want to generate
  2. Select your desired Start Date and End Date
  3. Click “Generate Report” and an excel CSV file will be downloaded shortly.

Generate Redemption Report 1

Generate Redemption Report 2


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