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Under the “Additional Booking Information” tab, you may input details like “How to Use the ticket”, “Inclusions”, “Cancellation Policy” and even create additional questions fields to collect other necessary booking information.

Additional Booking Information

Add Free Text

You may customize by clicking on the “Add Free Text”.

Add FreeText

Additional Booking Requirement

If there are additional booking information that you require from the customer, you may create additional questions under the “Additional Booking Requirement” at the bottom of the page to obtain these information.

Additional Booking Requirement

You may choose from 3 different question types: Free text, Option and Date. You may also indicate whether this question is compulsory to answer in order to proceed with the purchase.

  1. Free text allows customers to key in open-ended answers and are suitable for retrieving information such as passport number or email address.
  2. Option type allows you to input a few choices for your customers to select and are suitable if you have fixed options for your customers to select from.
  3. Date type will require your customer to select a date.
    *Please note that this Date question does not affect ticket validity and is solely for information purpose only. If you would like to set ticket validity by visit date, please refer to Ticket Validity

Question Type Option


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