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Notification will be sent for each booking
If the box is ticked, a notification will be sent to your email whenever a booking of the attraction is completed. *Please note that you have key in your email address under the “Booking Notification Email” when you create your product. Refer to 4.1 Create Products

Set Multi Entry Within Date
Tick this option to allow multi entry within the validity date.
Tick “Additional Restriction/Option” to restrict the multi entry within a time frame upon redemption. For example, if your ticket type allows multi entry within 12 hours upon first redemption, you may tick “Additional Restriction/Option” and input 12 hours.

Set Multi Entry Within Date

Purchased Quantity Limit
Set a minimum or maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased per transaction. Leave blank if it is not required.

Ticket Inventory Limits
Tick this option to limit the maximum amount of tickets available for sales. Please note that this is the total amount of tickets available for sales and is different from Purchased Quantity Limit. After you tick this option, you may top up ticket inventory under “Manage Ticket”.

Set Multi Entry Within Date

Tick “Apply Capacity” to apply a schedule to your ticket type. You must first create a schedule before you can select it here. To learn how to create a schedule, please read 4.3.2 Schedule . Eg. You have a tour that runs daily at 5pm, for a maximum of 10 people, you can create a schedule so that only a maximum of 10 people can book your 5pm tour daily.

*Please note that you can only select this option the first time you are creating the ticket. Once you have applied capacity to a ticket type and saved it, you may not untick this option anymore. Vice versa, if you have saved this ticket type without selecting this option, you will not be able to apply capacity to this ticket type anymore.

Apply Capacity

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