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Set your ticket prices for GlobalTix marketplace and your direct contract agents through the Distribution Table.

There are 3 different ways you can distribute in our marketplace:

  • Standard pricing across Global Marketplace
  • Set Advanced Distribution to a selected few specific agent
  • Direct contract

Set standard pricing for GlobalTix Marketplace

1. Under Products, click Manage Product >> Ticket >> Distribution

Set Standard Pricing 1

2. Click Edit.

Set Standard Pricing 2

3. Enter the price that you wish to sell on Globaltix Marketplace and click “Update”.

Set Standard Pricing 3

Set Advance Pricing across specific few selected agents

Set Standard Pricing 4

Set Pricing for Direct Contract Agents

You may wish to enter into a direct contract with our existing reseller whereby the reseller will pay you directly for any ticket purchased. GlobalTix will merely act as a ticket issuing platform.

  1. To set up the distribution table, tick “Show Advanced Distribution”. Under the Direct Contract With Agents, click “Add Distribution”.

Set Standard Pricing 5

  1. An input screen will then open. Enter the price you wish to sell at and select the reseller. Click “Add”.

Set Standard Pricing 6

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