4.3.2 Schedule

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You may assign timeslots and capacities to your ticket type by creating schedules.
(Eg. You have a tour that runs daily at 5pm, for a maximum of 10 people, you can create a schedule so that only a maximum of 10 people can book your 5pm tour daily.)

To create capacity

  1. Under Products, click Manage Product >> Capacity


  1. Click the “+ New Schedule” icon

Create New Schedule

  1. Input a name for your schedule. Select your schedule timing and recurring days of the week.
    Select the start and end date and key in the capacity for this timeslot. Click “Add” to create schedule.

Fill In New Schedule

  1. Newly created schedule will be shown.

Newly Created Schedule

Attach the schedule to ticket type

You may attach the schedule to your ticket type the first time you are creating the ticket. To learn how to do so, please read Advanced .

Applying capacity

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