Why should tour or activities owners use a booking software?

Here’s 6 reasons why using a booking software can make your life easier:

  1. Take bookings 24/7
    Are you spending time behind a desk instead of running your tour business on the road? With a booking software, you can automate your reservations and manage them from anywhere.
  2. Real-time availability
    No more “I’ll check my calendar”! Now, your availability is pre-set, guests can move around time slots, and if they need to reschedule or cancel, it updates in real-time too.
  3. Channel Management & Distribution
    Instead of connecting with agents individually, take advantage of our channel manager and connect with over 2,000 leading OTAs, DMCs, resellers & more at the rates and products you determine.
  4. Localise easily into new markets
    Nowadays, there are many choices when it comes to payments, and travellers want flexible options. It’s why we offer a wide range of options so you can accept the most important payment methods and open up to new markets.
  5. Get organised
    Stop wasting time with logbooks and excel sheets. Save time and effort with one-click access to your schedule, availability, pricing, and more in one place, without jumping between different platforms.
  6. Truly know your business
    Be a savvy business owner and know the health of your business. Get status reports on how well your business is doing and what products are selling, and get a better action plan for the next steps.Work smarter, not harder.Get started, it’s free: https://bit.ly/3ovApk5